My name is Tara White and this is my studio. This is where I create beautiful things out of all sorts of materials, my favorite being polymer clay. Through the blog, I hope to share more of the details of my process, where I find inspiration for creating and really let my personality come to light!

A little about myself:

I married my high school sweetheart in 2009, after we had been together for almost 11 years! We rent an adorable beach cottage on a river in Cape Ann, where we live with our hound dog Jackson. We adopted him from the local shelter right after we got home from our honeymoon! I get so much inspiration going for walks with Jackson along the water near us. The summer here is the best, when I can just hop in my kayak and paddle all day!

Of course I do have a full time job. I work as a research associate at a Biotech company. Yeah, I get to do science all day! I am a true geek in all aspects of my life, which I am not ashamed to admit! I love science, technology, bird-watching, etc. I am also a lover of nature and truly appreciate all living creatures. I will capture insects and let them outside rather than killing them or flushing them down the toilet!

Perhaps you can gather from the paragraphs above that I am not the most proficient writer, or at least, not the most organized! That’s why this blog will be more of a photo blog. I love taking pictures of everything in my life and I think they can do more talking than I ever could!

I hope you enjoy my posts!



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