Adding sewing to the repertoire

This Christmas, my husband gave me one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten, a computerized Brother sewing machine! I’ve wanted a sewing machine for years, so I was thrilled when he surprised me with it.


This model has so much to offer in the way of ease and versatility. It has 59 pre-programmed stitch patterns and10 different feet, so the possibilities for creating are endless! My first project was the sewing caddy that’s in the photo of the sewing machine above. It’s not perfect, but I think it came out pretty good for my first attempt!

I’ve spent quite some time trying to get comfortable with the machine and have gotten used to the foot pedal, sewing straight stitches, adjusting tension and troubleshooting if something goes wrong! The poor machine has errored quite a few times I have to admit!

I also had to reconfigure my craft area to better accommodate my sewing efforts. I broke out my folding craft fair table and made an L-shaped work surface.


My two main goals for sewing are to create special and functional items to give to my friends and family as gifts and to be able to create clothing that I can wear without people knowing that I made them. I am a huge Project Runway fan so I’ve been rewatching all the past seasons for inspiration and techniques!

Last weekend I attempted a pair of shorts using fabric from some old curtains and blanket edging for the trim. I wanted them to be a little loose, with a drawstring waist. Well they’re loose all right! They are probably about 3 sizes too big and even though I can get them to “fit” by cinching the drawstring, it is not exactly the look I was going for! I am proud of the fact that I was able to do all of the seaming, especially the crotch and have it all line up and remain symmetrical. I think that it was at least good practice, plus I didn’t follow a pattern, I just measured a pair of shorts I already had and went from there. I’d like to try to take in the waist a bit, and put in elastic for a better fit.


While I did purchase some small amounts of fabric, I have been relying on old clothes for the majority of my materials. Not only does it save money but I am a big proponent of repurposing things that you already have in order to reduce the amount of new things that are manufactured. So I’ve been deconstructing my old clothes. When I was about to cut apart a tank top I realized that it resembled a bag. Of course this was not a novel idea, which I came to find out when I googled it, but I did think of it on my own, I swear! It was very simple to make and I even added a little fabric flower made from the scrap material. It will be the perfect little on the go bag for the summer!


I am so excited for all the future projects that are in store! I created a new board on Pinterest that I’ve filled with tutorials, patterns and ideas for some really fun things!


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